International Student Team Competition in Mathematics

ISTCiM 2022

International Student Team Competition in Mathematics

is organized by the University od Silesia, Katowice (Poland) and Uppersilesian Branch of the Polish Mathematical Society. It aims to keep interest in mathematics alive, to support mathematically talented students, to develop friendly relations between students and university teachers and to develop interpersonal skills in solving mathematical problems. The competition is open to any student at any level of study who is interested in mathematics. It consists of two parts - an individual part and a team part - which take place in two consecutive days. The official language of the Competition is English.

This year's edition took place from 4th to 6th November 2022. Individual part was held on Friday, and the team part was held on Saturday. In-person mode was attended by 59 participants from 15 different universities from Poland, Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Turkmenistan. In the remote mode additional 61 students from Poland, Germany and Turkmenistan, as well as from the Czech Republic, Finland, Malaysia, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine and Hungary, participated simultaneously. A total of 26 teams representing 27 universities from all over the world were present.

Individual part of the competition was won by Grzegorz Adamski from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland), who solved all five problems and thus gained the maximum number of points. The team competition was won by the 'Jagiellonian Sharks' team from Jagiellonian University (composed of Daniil Homza - captain, Dzmitry Maslionchanka, Radoslav Zhak, Andrey Naradzetski and Daniil Yurshevich), marginally ahead of 'Austrian Avallanche' from the University of Vienna and 'Královecké Knedlíčky' from the Adam Miskiewicz University of Poznan. All three teams were awarded gold medals. The final results of the Competition can be found here.

Next year's edition of the competition will be held, as this year, in early November. All interested students are kindly welcome!

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